P.A Systems(Sound)

Front of House Speakers

DB Tech DVA T12 Array
DB Tech DVA T8 Array
DAS Aero 8A Array
DAS Compact 3 way
DAS Avant 215A


DAS Vantec 18
RCF 705A

Monitor Speakers

DB Tech DVX 12”
DB Tech LVX 12”
KV Audio 10'
RCF 522A

Mixing Console

Midas M32
Midas M32R
A&H GL2800 32.8
A&H QU24 + stagebox
A&H MixWiz3 16.4:2 (10 mic)
A&H MixWiz3 12.2 (8 mic) x2
Midas MR18

 Speaker Processing

dbx Driverack 260
dbx Driverack PA

Dynamic Processing

dbx 1066 comp/gate
dbx 166XL comp / gate
dbx 166 comp gate
InterM CN9102

Graphic EQ

KT DN360
dbx 1231


Roland SDE-1000
exicon MPX1
TC M-ONE FX unit

P.A Gear (Mics,Etc.)


AKG C1000S (Condenser) AKG D112 (Kick Mic) AKG C414XLII (Matched Pair)
Rode NT5 (Condenser)
Rode NT55 (Condenser)
Rode M3(Condenser)
Shure SM81 (Condenser)
Shure Beta52 (Kick Mic)
Shure Beta 91a (Kick Mic)
Shure Beta58a (Vocal Mic)
Shure SM58 (Vocal Mic) Shure Beta57a (Instrument Mic)
Shure SM57 (Instrument Mic)
Sennheiser E945 (Vocal Mic)
Sennheiser E906 (Instrument Mic) Sennheiser MD421
Sennheiser E609 (Instrument Mic)
Sennheiser E614 (Condenser) Sennheiser E604 (Drum mic)
Sennheiser E904 (Drum mic)

Wireless Gear (Mics, IEM,In Ears)

Sennheiser G4 handheld (500 Series) - 945 cap
Sennheiser G4 Handhleds (100 Series) - 945 cap
Sennheiser G3/G4 bodypack(Head Mic)
Shure SLX4  with Beta58a
Audio Technica AT2000 various (Handheld, Headmic)
Audio Technica M3 IME/In Ear Monitor
Sennheiser G3 IME/In Ear Monitor

D.I Units

Countryman Type 85
Radial ProD2
Whirlwind multi director - 4 ch
EWI - various
Fishman Spectrum DI
LR Baggs Para Acoustic DI


Sonor Sclassix 5 Piece kit
Mapex Mars Pro 5 Piece Kit Ampeg SVT-7 pro
SWR Bass 750 amp
GK 15SBX II cab SWR Golight  
Marshall JCM800 reissue
Marshall 1960A cab
Marshall 1936 cab
Fender HR Deluxe V30
Fender Twin (65 Reissue) Ampeg SVT-7 pro

Challenger Portable PA System

Master speaker
Slave speaker



Panasonic PT-EW730Z  Widescreen projector.   7000 lumens
Epson        EB1945-W     Widescreen  projector . 4200 lumens
Optoma     EH415-ST     Widescreen Full HD       3500 lumens
Panasonic CX800  65" 4K TV's
LG 42LB55 monitors
Fastfold 250" 16x9 screen
Fastfold 150" 16x9 Screen
HDMI over Cat6
Kramer HDMI matrix switcher
Kramer HDMI 1:8 splitter
Multiple Laptops (Windows or Mac) running software (Microsoft 365, Google Drive)
Various screens


Milos Tri Truss 3m
Milos Tri Truss 2m
Milos Tri Truss 1.5m
Q12 LitePar quad LED - RGBA

Much more Available (Contact Us)

 Power Distro

lifeguard LG7 distro's
Lifeguard 63AMP distro’s
PDL - Ceeform adapters
 32 /63 AMP Cables

and Much More (Contact US)

CB Radio Comms (Handheld, In Ear)

GME TX6155TP Comms
Uniden UH710SX-2ND

Easy Ups

3.0 x 3.0m with walls
4.5 x 3.0m